We moved this past week from a rental on Copper street to a rental on Topaz. We are thankful to be in this new house which is bigger, has a yard and is very close to the school.

tying our freezer onto the back of the jeepney used for the

It's amazing what all you can fit into a jeepney. We made
7 trips with the jeepney loaded to get items from our old
house to the new one!
We had lots of help - Danny, the jeepney driver; Erick, Daydong, Kurt, Ben, Ben's friend Jadon, Mikayla, Kirsten,
Arlene, Daisy, Allie, James, myself.
So thankful for all the helping hands.
Moving is tiring and stressful whether its a big move overseas or
a local move to a different residence.

A big blessing is the piano in this rental. I haven't had a real
piano in all the years we've lived here and it's been an enjoyment
to play again. I've missed not having a real piano. I'm so
thankful for this blessing.

Our dog, Bear, loves not being on a leash all the time anymore.
At our other rental, since we were in a compound we had to
keep him on a leash.