Mother's Hearts

A pain to deep for words stirs in my soul
A Korean friend's three year old hydrocephalic daughter died yesterday. Her daughter blind, unable to walk, talk...

We have the bond of mothers with special needs children.
Even in language difficulties we understand each other's heart as a mother of a visitor from Heaven.

Going to the visitation today stirred up the ache and grief;
their visitation held at the same funeral home we used for Jerard.

My momma's heart breaks for the son I buried six months ago
and for my friend's fresh loss of her daughter.

And we each have a son in fifth grade who have the
common bond of being the sibling of a special needs child.
Ben and his classmate share a special bond.

Both of us thankful our children are with Jesus...
Our children are friends in Heaven, playing, laughing, seeing, doing all the things they couldn't here on earth but can now in
the presence of Jesus for eternity!

but both of us aching to hold our child, our visitor from heaven.