More Pictures from OE (Outdoor Education)!

Well, it's hard to corner Mikayla to help me post a blog about her OE trip so I'll go ahead and share a few pics with you from her time in Subic....................

The group being silly in the airport There were actually about 45 middle schoolers from Faith in Davao meeting up with a hundred or so middle schoolers from Faith in Manila and Bagabag.
They were divided into squads from each school group. Mikayla's squad was called "The Krazy Koalas".

Group Praise and Worship Time

Mikayla on the ropes course

Mikayla doing the trust fall

Playing with a bamboo curly-q

Shaving bamboo to use as a fire starter

Getting ready to eat a bat The bats are tiny and live in bamboo. Their guide showed them how to catch and cook the bats.

Mikayla and her friend Krysten don't look to sure about this....
The guide taught them how to cook rice in bamboo. Mikayla said it was the best rice she'd ever had. They also made their own spoon and cup out of bamboo.

" we go.........."

"'s tolerable we think....maybe....."

"We survived!!!! It's ok but won't become a daily fare!!!

Mikayla really enjoyed her OE trip and is a bit sad this is her last one as a Middle schooler. But the High School goes on OE also!!!

Mikayla at home showing us her bamboo cup and spoon.