Since January Mercy Maternity Clinic, the largest Christian maternity clinic in the Philippines, has been piloting the
software that Kurt has written. This software allows them to computerize their ministry.

The Mercy staff are very pleased with phase one of this software.

Mercy Maternity has been in existence for many years and has rooms full of paper records. This just isn't conducive to efficient patient management.
Midwife-EMR allows for electronic record keeping for lay-in clinics. This has been a very satisfying project that Kurt has worked on. "This project has been the most satisfying project that I have ever worked on in over
20 years of professional software
development. I thank God for that."

Midwifery and the Gospel
What does maternal care and the advance of God's kingdom have in common?

The Christian Midwife Initiative,
exists to mobilize Christian midwives to serve on the mission field.

"a midwife can provide an entry point into
areas where typical missionaries may not
be able to gain access due to some restrictions."

The missions / midwifery combination is opening doors that were previously shut to the gospel of Christ. We thank God
that we are in a position to write software that helps advance the gospel.