Life in the Philipppines 2

People ask sometimes what life is like here -
well, today I'll tell you about water pressure!

The water pressure from the city gets rather low during the day. Thankfully, our rental house has a 1000 liter water tank and pump. Part of the reason water pressure is low for us is that we live on a hill. But our friends living at the bottom of the hill have the same low-pressure water problems also.

So to compensate for low water pressure we experience 6a - 7p, I set the timer on our washer to wash a load of clothes at 3a while the pressure is really good from the city supply.
Then I start another load around 4:30 while the water pressure is still good.
Then I do one more load of wash around 5:30a. By this time I have to use some of the tank water.

We've learned to be very conservative with water usage and appreciate the water we have!

We also keep buckets of water filled for those days the water just decides not to run at all and our tank is empty!!!!:)