Many have been asking how Jerard is doing.

Jerard enjoys music, tickles, being talked to. He is a blessing.
His favourite foods are pancakes, pasta, graham crackers and sweets (cookies, ice cream, etc.)


He is slowly making some progress. He receives occupational therapy twice a week at Resources for the Blind here in Davao.

Jerard really enjoys his OT at Resources for the Blind

He recently had a one year check up with the neurologist. The Dr. was very pleased with the progress Jerard has made. But he does want us to take him to a rehabilitation orthopedic doctor towards the end of September to see if he needs braces for his legs.

He likes to put everything in his mouth. When we are holding him we have to be careful he doesn't bite. His bites are painful.

Keep him in your prayers. He doesn't sit up on his own or crawl yet. Overall he is staying healthy, though he does have asthma he receives daily medications for.

Jerard enjoying the grass at the soccer field.