Jerard Update June 8 from Jerard


I have been more awake today.
They took the tube out of my nose
but they said they might have to put it back in if I don't eat or drink well. I'm not sucking really well.

I don't like to move the left side of my body either.
But I did smile twice at my Mom today. But she said only the right side of my mouth went up.

The neurologist, Dr. Soriano, (I like him - he's done all my surgeries)
said it looks like I need another shunt. My right ventricle is not being drained by the shunt on the left side of my head. Maybe that's why I've been having so many headaches.

And today I've been crying and rubbing the right side of my head a lot. It really hurts.

They did move me into a regular room today. I hope I can stay here and not have to go back to ICU.

Thanks for your prayers for me. Please keep praying I get better soon. Pray for my Mom and Dad and my brothers and sisters.
Keep my doctors in your prayers too. I like them and they seem to be doing a good job taking care of me.

I haven't had any seizures for over 36 hours now!

Psalm 10: 16 The LORD is king forever and ever; the nations perish from his land.
17O LORD, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear
18to do justice to the fatherless...