Jerard's Progress

Yesterday (Sunday), for the first time ever in his young life, Jerard reached for a toy on purpose and smiled as he did so.

This is good progress for him and a good sign to let us know he is seeing!

He has also started to 'coo' a little bit when being talked to! Another step in 'normal baby development', and a good sign of healing and brain growth!!!!

He has another 6 or 7 days of IV antibiotics to finish up.
Wednesday and Saturday he will have cerebral fluid taken out of his shunt to test for infection.
The first sample came back with no growth in the culture.
If the next two come back 'clean' also the doctors will know the infection has been taken care of.

There is still no decision as to whether or not he needs another shunt implanted.
The shunt that had been put in for the cyst seems to have taken over the job of draining his ventricle system cerebral fluid.
His head is not enlarging since the removal of the first, infected shunt.
We should know by next Monday if he will need another surgery.

Thanks for your prayers on his and our behalf.
These long hospitalizations can be very trying on all of us!
But these 'trials' are also very fertile ground for God to teach us lessons He wants us to learn about his faithfulness and mercy; about prayer without ceasing; about walking in his peace in the midst of storms; about patience; about his strength shining through in our weaknesses; and about his love!
More on all that later!!!!!!