Jerard's Eye Sight

Jerard saw an ophthalmologist today.
The doctor dilated Jerard's eyes so he could view the optical nerve. Jerard's optical nerve is pale which indicates that it is not working well. Optic nerve atrophy is the term he used.

He seems to see light and shadows, but he does not fix his gaze on objects or track with his eyes.

There is a test that could be done to clarify the extent to which the optical nerve is working but it would involve flying up to Manila to have it done.

And in the doctor's words, it wouldn't tell us a whole lot more than what he has told us and my motherly instinct has felt....Jerard sees light and shadows and responds more to touch and sound than any visual stimuli.

At this point, we will not pursue that test.

We will just keep on loving him, praying for him, touching him, singing to him, talking to him....he is a blessing and I thank God for bringing this special 'special needs' little boy into our lives.