Jerard June 9, 2010

Thanks for your ongoing prayers in behalf of Jerard and our family.

Jerard hopefully will be discharged tomorrow.
He is eating , and has had no seizures for over 48 hours.
He still doesn't drink well but he enjoys being spoon fed banana/kamote/Isomil 'smoothies' so he is getting his liquid!

He will need another shunt operation but the doctor wants to wait two - four weeks to give his pneumonia time to totally clear up.

Please pray for financial provisions for this surgery.

He is still very weak on his left side but showing some improvement. His medications have been switched to oral except for his antibiotics. He will come home with a heparin lock for the rest of his antibiotics to be given. We've dealt with that before at home and can do it again.

Thanks for continuing to pray for him (and for us).