Jerard June 10, 2010

Discharge is planned for Friday.

The reason for an extra day is because he had a blood transfusion last night and they want to observe him for 24 hours.

But judging from the noise Jerard is making, he is more than readyto be discharged (and so are we!!!) :-)He's been making vocalizations in response to my talking to him.He is also really enjoying his kamote/banana/isomil smoothies.

He has had no seizures for 3 days now. His fever is gone. He is more awake and getting increasingly active.

His left side continues to be very weak. Which could be from a combination of left sided seizures and the right ventricle pressure pressing on his brain. He has lost some ground as far as motor skills but I think once we get back home and get him back in a routine and daily exercise he will hopefully regain and continue to improve.

He will be readmitted in about 3 - 4 weeks for shunt surgery.

Please pray with us for financial provision for that surgery and hospital stay.

He will be coming home on two anti-convulsants and a heparin lock for antibiotics for another 3 - 4 days.

Thanks for all your prayers.