Jerald Update

Hi, I'm home from the hospital for a short break before going back up there for the night.
Jerald is spending one more night at the hospital as early this morning from midnight - 6 or 7 a.m. he was running a fever and having loose stools frequently. That has all cleared up now.

They'd like him 24 hours fever free. He also lost his IV vein last night and had to get another one started.

His head has gone down 1.5 inches since surgery. His face is filling out and looking much like his brother's.

It looks like he will be released tomorrow morning (Sunday our time.)

I can't wait to post a photo of him for you all to share in our joy at the improvement he is making since surgery.

Pray that the visual center of his brain will develop. He only occasionally focuses for a second on objects or faces. Mostly his eyes wander back and forth.

Thanks for all your prayers.