Flora Mae and Rico

This 9 yr old girl really needs prayers.

Her name is Flora Mae. On Friday (October 22) she and her 12 yr old brother, Rico, were left at the home of our friends, Dr. Sam and Sherri Evans who run Reach International Health Care and Training, Intl. They live across the street from us. Flora Mae has had a broken leg since last June, that now has a very serious, deep bone infection that can only be resolved through expensive orthopedic surgery. Social services is going to help, but to what degree is unkown. It's going to be a fairly big cost - money that Dr. Sam and Sherri don't have.

We understand this having been through that with Jerard. Here in the Philippines you pay up front for medical services. There is very little insurance. Basically, if you don't have the cash, you don't get treatment.

Flora Mae was being carried by people prior to Friday but now can walk by using the crutches that Dr. Sam and Sherri provided for her on Friday.
It will be a miracle if she'll ever walk normally again. If she does not receive surgery to remove the infection, it will progressively get worse and she could die.

We met Flora Mae and Rico this morning. As a family our heart goes out to these two precious children who have been abandonded by their parents, are in the care of some relatives way out in the province and were brought to Dr. Sam's clinic by DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development).
They are adorable, very sweet children who do not know their birthdays or even for sure how old they are. Rico has finished part of 2nd grade only and then had to stop schooling and Flora Mae has only had a little bit of 1st grade.

Please pray for Flora Mae - for the infection not to spread, for the funding needed for the surgery and medicines to be provided. If you would like to help in this, please go to Reach International's website and make a donation on line there. http://www.reachinternationalhealthcareandtraining.com/

Thanks for praying!