Family Updates

This summer has been busy with moving, dentist appointments, and some short family trips. This coming week we will be attending a Bible dedication and going on a one day boat trip.
We are pretty much settled into our new rental house. When our internet is finally hooked up and activated I will post more photos!
Jerard starts 'preschool' this week at Resources For The Blind. He will attend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. We've hired a kuya to take him (kuya means older brother). He is very good with Jerard and fully capable of carrying him up to the third floor where the preschool meets!
James is our highly active three year old. He's been enjoying having Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben around this summer to play with!
Kirsten has had several dentist appointments this summer - not much fun, but she's also enjoyed turning 13, our mother/daughter retreat, family vacation, reading and shopping!
Ben passed to his green belt in karate. He is getting taller and we just bought new shoes for him yesterday since he's outgrown his other ones! He is now a men's size 7 and still growing! He turns ten on August 3rd - the day before school starts!
Mikayla has been reading, baby sitting, looking at colleges and other career ideas for after high school. She is glad for friends returning from furloughs and for a friend who moved away coming to visit for three weeks.
Kurt is busy with his projects at work and will be going to Bangkok, Thailand in October for meetings!
I took one class this summer on marriage counseling taught by a visiting professor from the USA. I've been busy organizing our house and being mom to 5 great kids!
We are looking forward to my sister's visit in August! It will be our first visitor from the USA in the four years we've lived here!
Blessings on your day!