Family Happenings

Just wanted to share some pics with you from other events happening around here!

A few weeks ago there was a talent show at school. Kirsten's 4th grade class performed as a praise band. Kirsten played keyboard. They played "Father, I adore You" with guitar, keyboard, bells, violins, was very pretty music.

Kirsten continues to excel in her studies. She is a big help with the babies too.

Kirsten at keyboard

The 4th grade Praise Band

Kirsten and James having fun

Ben has started t-ball. He really enjoys sports!
He also really enjoys being a big brother. Kuya Ben! 'Kuya' is Cebuano for 'older brother'.

Ben, James, Kurt

Ben hitting a three-base run

Ben and James

Mikayla has been busy with her studies and helping out with babies at the house.

The middle school is getting ready to leave this Sunday to go to Taal, a volcano in Northern Philippines, for a week-long Outdoor Education program. The middle school does this every year. It is an out door ed and spiritual retreat week. Last year Mikayla went to Corrigador, a WW II site.
Mikayla is looking forward to the trip. Pray for her and the whole middle school group and sponsors to have a spiritually enriching time; a fun, educational time exploring the volcano; and a safe trip.

Mikayla and Ben helping with James and Jerard

A scene from Corrigador; last year's OE trip


A scene from Corrigador; last year's OE trip

James and Jerard - Jerard is looking better