Durian Anyone?

For those of you living in the USA, trying to explain the smell and taste of durian to you is an adventure.
Think of garlic and rotten onions mixed together and you might have a general idea of the smell.

hotels, hospitals and many businesses have signs that say, "no
bringing in durian
Think of snail slime and you might have a general idea of the texture.

Think of eating rotten onions and garlic in the snail slime texture and burping it up for the next 24 hours or so and you'll have a general idea what the taste is like.

People here either usually love durian or don't like it at all.
Some people say it smells like hell but tastes like heaven.

Personally, I've tried it three times and do not like it in any form - fresh, pie, ice cream, candy....
Holding one is like holding a porcupine with sharp, sharp quills!
You'd never want one of these to drop on your head or try to catch it while it falls!

Kurt doesn't mind it.

Mikayla is not a big fan of it.

Neither are Kirsten, Ben and James.

Our friend, Ruth, tho, loves the stuff! So when our neighbor gave us a fresh durian off their tree, we invited her over for supper and durian!

Durian really isn't that good for you, either. It can raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels!!!

I prefer to eat Marong!