December 4 - 6th Weekend Happenings

The girls participated in a Middle School and High School Band Concert on Friday evening. It was very well done!

Kirsten playing bells.

Mikayla with Jeen and Kristi after the concert. She plays
clarinet in the High School Orchestra.

Today, Kurt, Ben, Mikayla, and Kirsten helped with a Christmas party for over 300 local children from a poor area near here.

Many of the kids at the party. It was held at the covered court
of Faith Academy.

Kurt and Ben set up the sound system.

Michael, Amy, Trea, Mikayla, Elise all ready to help with the
party. Kirsten was our family's photographer of this event
today. I stayed home with James and Jerard. James was
running a 103.5 fever. Thankfully it is down to 101 now.
The kids served water and snacks to the kids at the party.