There are many styles of church around here (non-aircon, aircon, nice buildings, not so nice buildings...)
But wherever Christians are gathered together is a joy. Yes, the worship style may be different, they may not sing hymns, but the joy of our Asian believers is contagious.

Here are pictures from last Sunday's worship at a church we are currently attending.

DBC has a strong community development outreach.
This building is being built to house a training center for San
Rafael area, a poor community near the church. The plan is to
train the men and women of that community with job skills
such as construction, computer programming, etc., so they
can better provide for their families.

A special guest speaker, Andy, who attends the church
presented last week's message.

Kurt and Kirsten listening to the message

A potluck dinner was held after the service in one of the
unfinished rooms of the new building being built.

The 'MC' and Pastor Alan.

Alma is in charge of the Compassion outreach the church
has. There are 120 children from San Rafael area being
sponsored through Compassion International. It is so neat
to see the other side of Compassion working. We really
appreciate DBC's outreach ministries to the San Rafael area.

Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them."