Most Filipinos here stay up Christmas Eve most of the night.
They usually have a meal around 10p.m. which includes pancit or spaghetti, ham or pork, salads, etc.
They play games, sing, have a lot of fun. Some of our friends were up til 2 or 3 a.m. Christmas morning. Then Christmas day they slept til noon or so!!!

One of our 'little friends' enjoying the Christmas lights!

We, on the other hand, had our traditional Christmas Eve time. Most churches here do not hold Christmas Eve services so we held our own. We sang many of the traditional Christmas hymns, each child presented either memorized scripture or a song on their instrument, I sang a solo, Kurt shared a Christmas message. It was really good...maybe I can get him to post it on the blog!

Then we had dinner that the girls made. It was very good. They've been enjoying making recipes from the "Redwall Cookbook" based on meals talked about in the Redwall book series.
Then we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and went to bed.

Christmas morning, for the first time ever, one of our children was up before us. Usually we have to wake the kids up!!!! But this year Ben was up and waiting for us!
We had a fun morning of opening stocking gifts, having breakfast, lighting the advent wreath candles, opening gifts.

In the afternoon we had friends over for ham, mashed potatoes, salads, cookies, ice cream, etc....It was a fun day.

We feel blessed and thank God for His love for us that He was willing to send Jesus to earth for us.
May the true meaning of Christmas stay with each of us every day of the year.