Ben is 13!

Today, August 3, is Ben's 13th birthday! What a blessing he is. I pray that he continues to grow in wisdom and grace, seeking first God in all his ways.

Kurt and Ben went for a father-son retreat for 3 days and 2 nights at a near by nature park. This is something I did with each of the girls when they turned 13 as well. It's a great time to have fun together, discuss purity and growing up issues, though we don't reserve those discussions for just one weekend in each of our children's lives. Parenting is about helping kids grow into adults, discussing sexuality, puberty, purity, and many other topics along the way.
We are thankful for good authors who write books like "Preparing Your Son for Every Man's Battle", "Five Signs of a Loving Family", "Preparing Your Daughtet for Every Woman's Battle," etc.

We now have three teenagers in our home - Ben, 13; Kirsten, 16; Mikayla, 19.