Bat Caves and Water Falls

We were blessed with the opportunity to go across to Samal Island with friends.

Once on Samal we drove around to look at some places to camp at and also have some fun at some of the sights there.

The Car Ferry

On the Ferry

On the Ferry

Housing on the ocean bay

Bats at the Bat Cave

Bats - it was fascinating to see the thousands and thousands
of bats hanging on the cave walls.

All the kids by one of the bat cave holes

Some women on the island washing clothes

Ben, Jadon and Samuel in a Japanese tunnel from WWII

Kirsten and Trea in the Japanese tunnel from WWII

At Hagimit Falls

Mikayla jumping from a rock into the water below

Mikayla, Kurt, Danielle playing in the water

Mikayla and Kurt enjoying the water

Danielle, Anna, and Mikayla enjoying the rocks

Ben jumping into the water

Kurt and Ben

Kirsten and Trea racing leaves down a water slide