Back in Davao

We are back!

The air flights were turbulent.

When we arrived in Davao Ben was stopped at quarrintine due to a slightly elevated fever. (99F), He and Kurt had to go to a local hospital for a throat swab to see if its that H1N1 flu. So as I blog this I have no news on what the dr. at the hospital is saying Ben has.
As a Mom I can tell you that Ben has a bad case of being overly tired from 2 days of travel and not sleeping well on the plane and all he really needs is to come home and sleep.

Pray for us. We are glad to be back. It is so good to see James and Jerard. James clapped when he saw us at the gate.

We are also tired and this having to take Ben to ER for a slightly elevated temp seems a bit over kill to me.....

After a good night's sleep things will look much better.