Baby Gabrielle

Dear friends,

Pastor Ian and Nen are part of Reach Int'l Team here in the Philippines and they have been dear friends and workers for Dr. Sam and Sherri for many years. Dr. Sam and Sherri are dear friends of ours. We appreciate Dr. Sam's friendship and medical expertice. (

Baby Gabrielle

Last Sunday Ian and Nen's second baby daughter was born. There were complications with the birthing process and the baby was oxygen deprived for at least 5 - 10 minutes. There appears to be some neurological problems with their 7 day old newborn baby who remains in ICU at a local hospital here. The neurologist is still running tests.

Please pray for Ian and Nen - for finances to cover the hospital costs; please PRAY for baby Gabrielle, her big sister, Nickole, and her parents, Ian and Nen, who are still trying to accept all of this. Thank you very much!

Nen, Dr. Sam, Pastor Ian with Baby Gabrielle