All In An Hour....

More often than not, there are several events happening at our home at the same time.

For I had been in the kitchen with Kirsten helping her make frosting for the cake she was decorating for her science project.

Yes, she was using frosting of various colours to make the plant cell - and her teacher is giving extra credit for edible projects!

I had just sat down to feed Jerard when the door bell rang.....

It was our friend and handyman, Dennis, come to the gate with two therapy items for Jerard. (Thanks, Tyrone!)
He needed to use our drill to finish the spider walker.

James, in the meantime, wanted to be the 'helper!'

This is a 'spider walker' that Jerard will be able to ride on and
lean forward in after I get the pad and strap made for it. This therapy tool helps him learn balance and how to use his legs for walking!

James was having fun riding it and posing for the pic to show
how Jerard will lean into the front plate once we get the pad and
strap attached to it for him.

The other therapy aid Dennis dropped off was actually the baby walker we'd had for the boys when they were little. We needed it heightened so Jerard could still sit in it without falling out to practice re-learning his sitting balance and also his walking. This will help him strengthen up his leg muscles too and give him mobility in the sala and dining area.

Jerard enjoying his 'new' walker.

So, these are the events that happened in about an hour around dinner time tonight!
We are very thankful Jerard has some new therapy aids now to help him regain muscle strength in his legs!