A View from our Veranda on Christmas Eve Day

In the previous post I mentioned our neighbors had a pig tied up for their Christmas feast.

On Christmas Eve morning they hog tied and bled the pig to roast for their Christmas celebration.

We didn't go over to get close up shots as they would've felt obligated to share their pig with us. As evidenced by the pictures, they do not have a lot.

The people next to us are really nice. Most of the men are jeepney drivers and mechanics. Even though they are hard workers, the average take home pay per day for a jeepney driver is about 200 pesos (the equivalent of about $4.75 US).

Later that morning we took them all Christmas gifts of rice, toothbrushes, shampoo, coffee, and candy for the children.

Here in the Philippines the big Christmas celebrations usually start Christmas Eve at 10 p.m. with a big meal, party, a family reunion of sorts, and they welcome in the Christmas day at midnight.

Christmas day tends to be very quiet as most people are sleeping due to being up so late the night before.

Our neighbors behind us had games, a raffle, and dancing until 3:30 Christmas morning. The music was loud, the atmosphere fun!

Kurt and I were both surprised our kids slept through all the loud music. We, on the other hand, sat up in our sala for an hour or so drinking hot chocolate at 2 a.m., unable to sleep due to the noise!!!