A Time of Refreshing

Yesterday (Monday), our kids thought they were just going to have a 'normal' day - go to school, homework, etc.....

But as their Daddy drove them to school he took a wrong turn (hee hee hee!!!)

We (Kurt and I) had planned a family 'sneak' and we took the kids on an outing to Eden Nature Park.

Up in the bukid (mountains) it is cool and quite refreshing to go up to.
We hadn't had a family outing in quite a few months and our family really needed a change of pace for a day. To say that the past 5 months or so have been extra challenging is an understatement. But our God is faithful and we are thankful for all the experiences He has designed for us to go through.

Lola Arlene cared for James and Jerard while we took the three older kids on a 2.5 mile nature hike, swimming, and picnic.

We thank God for the opportunity to enjoy His great nature and for the refreshing time for our family that we had. It was a great time of enjoying 'cooler' weather, reconnecting as a family, talking, laughing, enjoying nature, exercise, etc....