A Season for Everything

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Today we find ourselves in the process of changing mission organizations. And that is good -- we have enjoyed our service with Wycliffe Bible Translators these past 9 years but as it says in Ecclesiastes 3, "there is a season for everything".

I have been working on software engineering projects for the Wycliffe family of organizations while serving in the Philippines. What an experience: rewarding work, a different culture and an expansion of our perspective are a few of the many benefits that we have experienced. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Yet, there is a season for everything and we have found an opportunity to expand our ministry by changing mission organizations.

As a software engineer, I have been serving one very large mission organization but all the while seeing many smaller mission organizations get by without anyone to turn to for their software development needs. And sometimes that is fine ... not all mission organizations, especially the smaller ones, need custom sofware development.

But many Christian mission organizations really do need the help of an IT professional for a specific project or problem. That is where LightSys comes in.

LightSys is a Christian mission organization that is dedicated to equipping Christian missions and ministries with the computing technology correct for them.

In practical terms, it means that the small to medium sized Christian mission organization that cannot justify having it's own missionaries that specialize in software engineering can get the help that they need. That is why LightSys exists. And that is why we joined LightSys.

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