A Note From Jerard


Just wanted you all to know I am very busy these days. I go to Resources for the Blind two times a week for occupational therapy. I am learning how to feel around for things, feed myself, sit up on my own, keep my balance, and exercising to walk.
I also have physical therapy three times a week. "Teacher Liziel" (that's what I call her) comes to our house to work with me. Sometimes I cry because she makes me work my muscles and I get tired. But my Mom says I'm sitting up more and more like a big boy. Teacher Liziel thinks I may walk in the next 6 months, too!

At RFB with Lola Arlene and Kuya Ben

Practicing walking with Teacher Anna at RFB

Learning to take my shoes off with Teachers Daisy and Anna

Sitting in a box playing with balls. It's fun to feel around for the balls.

One day I will have to learn braille. Kuya Ben is standing
by the big braille alphabet at RFB.

This is Bear. My Mom likes to throw a random picture of our
cute dog in once in a while. All I know is that he feels BIG

Here I am working with Teacher Liziel at home. My Mom
will have to take more pics to show you more because I
can 'climb a mountain' and 'walk' to the table for snacks.

Thanks for all your prayers for me!

Love, Jerard