A Little R-n-R

On a Saturday about two weeks ago we were invited to take a short trip in Davao bay on a 44 foot sailboat. We had a great time!

In the picture above we are eating lunch with two other families that went with us. At that point we were anchored about 100 yards from a small island (see below) which was located about 1/4 mile from a larger island. After lunch we took the dingy out to the small island and explored, snorkeled, and had a great time.

We were amazed at the ocean life that we saw (sorry, we didn't take the camera out into the water). We found at least three different kinds of starfish including briny starfish. Mikayla found a starfish while snorkeling that was about 12" across. We handled sea cucumbers, a friend was stung by a jellyfish, and he saw a colorful sea snake which most certainly poisonous (we are glad that he was not bitten by that). We caught a puffer fish. We found a lot of colorful things that we can't remember the names of, and we had an all around good time.

As a native Michiganer, I am amazed at how vibrant and brilliant the water and wildlife is here. That day it was like we were in a National Geographic documentary all the while being less than 10 miles from home. God has richly blessed the Philippines with an abundance of natural beauty.

The small island we visited