James and Ben are having lots of "firsts" here in the USA. James is doing cub scouts for the first time,

selling boy scout popcorn for the first time

learning to play the clarinet and is in the 5th grade band.
He's mowing the grass with a reel mower,

playing on a community soccer league,

experiencing cold weather for the first time ever.. Ben is playing American football for the first time,

going to a big high school for the first time,

carving a pumpkin for the first time in his memory,

getting ready for his first homecoming dance, having a job that pays for the first time,

experiencing cold weather for the first time in 12 years - he was five when we moved to the Philippines so life in the USA for him now is almost as new to him as it is to James..

(I don't know why all the pictures turned sideways..will try to get that glitch fixed soon)