School Spirit Week

This week is School Spirit Week at Faith Academy. Yesterday the kids dressed team colors for the school.
Today, they were each quite a sight, as it is 'Mismatch Day!'


Our dog, Bear, was barking a lot this morning in an unusual bark. I opened the front door to see what he was barking at and saw a 2 meter snake crawling up the driveway.

Kurt got the bolo knife and a shovel and chopped its head off!
James and Ben were fascinated with the twitching body after the head was off!


We just experienced the strongest, longest earthquake we've ever felt since moving here over six years ago. There are still after shocks going on that can be felt as I type this.
We are fine. Some of us feel dizzy from the earthquake and aftershocks.

Psalm 46: 2 -3
Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling...

Compassion Kids

The church we attend here in Davao has 161 children in their Compassion program.
Kurt and I visited the program yesterday morning to get a better understanding about what all the Compassion program does and what our church provides for our kids we sponsor. We came away awed by all that goes on, the powerful ministry, and thankful for this outreach.

Praise and worship time for the parents while the children are in Bible
class and educational instruction. The parents are also taught
weekly, parenting skills and information on keeping kids healthy.

Kids not only learn about Jesus, they learn reading and writing
skills as well.

Preparing food for 161 children + their Moms!

The church is also launching 5 livelihood projects in the areas where these children and families live so that the moms can learn skills for making some income - they are launching rug making, herbal farming, pressed flower card making, massage therapy training and tailoring/sewing.

Durian Anyone?

For those of you living in the USA, trying to explain the smell and taste of durian to you is an adventure.
Think of garlic and rotten onions mixed together and you might have a general idea of the smell.

hotels, hospitals and many businesses have signs that say, "no
bringing in durian
Think of snail slime and you might have a general idea of the texture.

Think of eating rotten onions and garlic in the snail slime texture and burping it up for the next 24 hours or so and you'll have a general idea what the taste is like.

People here either usually love durian or don't like it at all.
Some people say it smells like hell but tastes like heaven.

Personally, I've tried it three times and do not like it in any form - fresh, pie, ice cream, candy....
Holding one is like holding a porcupine with sharp, sharp quills!
You'd never want one of these to drop on your head or try to catch it while it falls!

Kurt doesn't mind it.

Mikayla is not a big fan of it.

Neither are Kirsten, Ben and James.

Our friend, Ruth, tho, loves the stuff! So when our neighbor gave us a fresh durian off their tree, we invited her over for supper and durian!

Durian really isn't that good for you, either. It can raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels!!!

I prefer to eat Marong!