Symanzik Family Update 9/30

News from us this week:

We have had fever and cold-like symptoms going through our house this past week. I got hit the worst and am still recovering. Ben missed two days of school; Mikayla missed the volleyball tournament yesterday because of it. Kurt and Kirsten seemed to avoided it altogether.

The adoption process is in motion. Here in the Philippines an announcement regarding the adoption of a child has to run in a newspaper for three weeks. That 'ad' has been run. Our social worker is finishing up her homestudy report. Our court date for the adoption is March 4, 2013. Please pray it does not get postponed.

We are planning a furlough starting June or July of 2013 for a year. Mikayla will head off to college and we want to be in the states for her first year. There will be many cultural adjustments for all our children. Ben has lived longer in the Philippines than he has in the USA. James has never been in the USA (yet). Kirsten was 8 when we came here.

Pray for us as we prepare for furlough. Pray for our children as they go through the school year.

At The Market 9 25 12

James and I, along with a friend and her son, went to the market today to show it to the boys.

A vendor pointed at James and said, "native." He then pointed at James' friend and said, "imported." We all laughed!

Going to the market is fun!Another vendor asked me if James was my adopted son. I said, "yes." Then she asked, laughingly, if I'd adopt her, too! I just laughed, paid her for the flowers I was buying, and silently prayed for God to bless her.

A Recent Conversation with James

Conversation with my four year old -
James "when I get dead I get to see Jerard?"
Me - "Yes"
James - "And when you get dead you'll see Jerard?"
Me - "Yes"
James - "And when Daddy gets dead he'll see Jerard?"
Me - "Yes"
James - "And when Ben gets dead he'll see Jerard?"
Me - "Yes"
James - "And when Lala and Kirsten get dead they'll see Jerard?"
Me - "Yes"
James - "So when we all get dead we will all be together and we will all see Jerard and be with Jesus forever?"
Me - "Yes"
James - "I miss Jerard. I am sad he is gone. But I'll see him again, right?"
Me - "Yes, honey, you will see him again!"

Moments like these melt a momma's heart! Thank You, Jesus, for James' tender heart.

A Grief Observed

C.S. Lewis sums up well, from his book, "a Grief Observed" how grief is....

There are moments, most unexpectedly, when something inside me tries to assure me that I don't really mind so much,
not so very much, after all. Love is not the whole of a man's life.
I was happy before I ever met H. I've plenty of what are called "resources." People get over these things. Come, I shan't do
so badly. One is ashamed to listen to this voice but it seems
for a little to be making out a good case. Then comes a sudden
jab of red-hot memory and all this "commonsense" vanishes
like an ant in the mouth of a furnace.
C.S.Lewis, A Grief Observed

today sadness washes up on the shores of my life...the graham crackers James was snacking on today reminded me of Jerard and his eating and his pleasure in graham crackers....the banana bread we had this morning was another reminder of him....I was out shopping with James and called him "Jerard" several times....
Grief is like that...ebbing and my mother's heart is really missing my little guy.....

Four Months Since Jerard Went to Be With Jesus

I am thankful Jerard was in our lives for the time he was.
I am thankful he is now with Jesus in heaven for all eternity.
Today is the fourth month anniversary of his death.

Our visitor from heaven was a blessing in our lives
and we are thankful he is with Jesus now.