James and Grief

James watches his brother's video and says to me this morning, "I miss my brother."
He says that often.
It's hard for a little boy to grieve the loss of his friend and brother.
He and I talk about Jerard and James tells me what he remembers - Jerard's laugh, the seizures, playing with him.
I hug James and we talk about Jerard.

We share memories, I give James many hugs.
He's glad Jerard can see in Heaven but he misses his brother here on earth.
Pray for James as he continues to process the loss of his brother.

One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of Jerard's death.

It's been a hard year on many fronts but His grace is in the pain, His healing is in the wounding, I love my Saviour deeper and I just say, "Lead on o King Eternal."

I'm so thankful to have Jerard as my son. I'm so thankful he was our special visitor from Heaven for four and one half years.

Visitor Part 2

Visiting GAP Farm....

Aunt Judy with Mikayla and Kirsten....

Eating at a favorite restaurant of ours....

Time at Paradise Beach.....

Trying durian.....

(the verdict was "yuck" - I agree with that, too!)

"We give thanks to God for bringing our families together
for we are creating memories that will last forever;"

Visitor Part 1

My oldest sister, Judy, is here visiting for two weeks. She came over to attend Mikayla's graduation and spend some time with us. We are really enjoying her being here.
Today, the first full day of her stay here, we went to the local market and to Eagle Sanctuary.

Visiting the States

Mikayla, Kirsten, and I (Beth) will be coming to Michigan on July 9 for two months to help Mikayla get set up for college. We are looking forward to our trip, reconnecting with friends and family, attending our sending church, etc. Pray for us to have safe travels.