2 Years

2 years ago today Jerard went to Heaven with Jesus.

About 10 days after he died I had this dream - I have copied it here from my diary writings.

Monday May 28, 2012
2am I awaken from a dream.
Jerard was standing in a beautiful green, lush field, with a gorgeous sun/Son shining. He was standing on strong, sturdy legs and he sang me a song to the tune of "God Be With You Til We Meet Again." It was beautiful. His innocent, child voice, so clear, so strong, so wonderful to hear.
I am standing in Jesus' presence
whole and moving arms and hands
seeing Jesus, laughing, I am whole
I am Jesus' lamb He loves me so
Mom I love you
Mom I love you
thanks for taking care of me
burden lifted off
all's forgiven
I am standing now with Jesus Christ.
Smiling, talking, running, whole
Christ my Saviour loves me so
I know you miss me, cry your tears
I am Jesus' lamb so have no fear
Mom I love you
Mom I love you
Tell my brother James I love him, too
Thank you for taking me
giving life and love
I am Jesus' lamb He's made me whole.

I am so thankful for Jeard, for my visitor from Heaven.

Happy Mother's Day

I am so blessed to be mom to five wonderful children!

My Current Readings

Hi, The books I am currently reading are these:

"The Hunt for Red October" by Tom Clancy

"Fields of Writing - Readings across the Disciplines" 2nd edition - Edited by Nancy R. Comley, David Hamilton, Carl H. Klaus, Robert Scholes, and Nancy Sommers.

"The Confessions of St. Augustine" translated by E.B. Pusey

"Future Grace" by John Piper

A Walk to School

The other morning I was walking James to school.

We passed by the man with the carabao. He walks his carabao past our home most mornings.

Sometimes the carabao graze for a while in the empty lot next to our house.

James always enjoys seeing them and wanted me to take some pictures!

Middle School Band Concert

The Middle schoolers recently had a band concert.

Ben is playing trumpet and really enjoys this instrument. He
sounds really good and had a solo in one of the musical selections played! (Proud mama talking!!)

The concert was very nice. I'm so thankful for the band director here at Faith Academy Davao.

I have a hard time shooting a clear photo of him back on stage

James and a couple of his buddies had fun playing with each other before the concert started!