The first step in obtaining James' immigration visa has been approved! We are so thankful!

Now, we are waiting for the embassy to let us know when our appointment is. There is another application to be filed as well. But this first step was the biggest hurdle!

Pray for us as we continue in this process. Not only for the immigration visa, but for all of us as we transition from this country we've lived in for 11 years and love to the USA.

Transition Articles

I really enjoy reading articles posted on "The Culture Blend" website. I recently shared two of those articles on my facebook page and was surprised by the number of shares and likes generated by doing that.

We all transition. Whether we live "monoculturally" - in one country; or live between cultures as missionaries, overseas workers, etc. Life is continual change which requires continual transitions, internally and externally.

Below are the two article links. I hope you take time to read them!


I would love to wax eloquent in blogging like some of my favourite sights do....

yet at times I feel like "why reinvent the wheel"? Why try to reiterate what has been stated so well.

So, I'd like to direct you to a few sights I really enjoy - that speak to what life can be like on the mission field, the joys and challenges, the transitions and tears, hopes and fears, burnout,

disillusionment, hope, and constant growing in Christ. It is a paradox. A mix of many odd things but all pointing to the glory of Christ.

When I eat halo-halo I think about how the Christian life, like the concoction of seemingly incompatible items all melds together into an almagoamation of wonderful sweetness....which leads me to think on how the ups and downs, hard times and good times, "mountain top" and valley low experiences all lead to our growing in Christ as we seek Him first.

Just sharing a few thoughts that spin like a web in my mind. Hope you enjoy visiting these sights - -

JUST FYI - Halo-Halo is make from shaved ice, condensed milk, and lots of sweet toppings like jellies, beans, corn, candied fruit, fresh fruit, ube ice cream, and even sometimes pieces of leche flan (Filipino sweet custard).

Halo-Halo – the Tagalog word which means “mix-mix”

Boys, Basketball, Soccer, Backpacks

School continues well for Ben and James here id Davao. James is enjoying after-school soccer.....

Ben enjoys basketball....... (he's #12 on the FIA team)....

I've enjoyed helping load backpacks with school supplies for kids affected by flooding in local areas......

I also enjoy teaching Bible and English.....

Kurt is enjoying his computer programming work as well.....

Just a quick update!!!


James flew for the first time in his life this past week.

We went to Manila to file immigration application papers for his immigration to the USA.

Now we are waiting......

Pray for this process to go smoothly.

Pray for our family as we transition from the Philippines to the USA. We will need to purchase a house shortly after we get to the states and a car. There are many transitions ahead. Prayers and assistance are appreciated.