Baguio ISAC 2015

Faith International Academy girls soccer and boys basketball recently travelled to Baguio in northern Luzon (about 6 hour drive north of Manila), for the yearly International School Athletic Competition held three times yearly for the various sports.

Kirsten was part of the Faith Girls Soccer team that travelled to Baguio. Kurt and I were blessed to be able to travel up with the teams to cheer the athletes on in the competition.

The girls soccer came in 4th place overall and the boys won all their games to place the champions of the ISAC boys basketball tournament. It was fun to watch the students and cheer them on.

Kurt and I took a little time away from the tournament to do some sight seeing of Baguio - the vacation capital of the Philippines because it is up in the mountains and cool. It is 5050 feet above sea level. It felt so wonderful to be in 70-80's and cool breezes!!!


Since January Mercy Maternity Clinic, the largest Christian maternity clinic in the Philippines, has been piloting the
software that Kurt has written. This software allows them to computerize their ministry.

The Mercy staff are very pleased with phase one of this software.

Mercy Maternity has been in existence for many years and has rooms full of paper records. This just isn't conducive to efficient patient management.
Midwife-EMR allows for electronic record keeping for lay-in clinics. This has been a very satisfying project that Kurt has worked on. "This project has been the most satisfying project that I have ever worked on in over
20 years of professional software
development. I thank God for that."

Midwifery and the Gospel
What does maternal care and the advance of God's kingdom have in common?

The Christian Midwife Initiative,,
exists to mobilize Christian midwives to serve on the mission field.

"a midwife can provide an entry point into
areas where typical missionaries may not
be able to gain access due to some restrictions."

The missions / midwifery combination is opening doors that were previously shut to the gospel of Christ. We thank God
that we are in a position to write software that helps advance the gospel.

Thankful.....(can you list at least 3 per day?)

Psalm 146: 1-2 declares "Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord, O my soul! I will praise the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being."

A while ago I challenged each of my family members to list at least three things they are thankful for each day.

Today, I am thankful for a quiet Sunday morning, good praise and worship music, and FaceBook that helps me stay connected with friends around the world.

Visas Renewed

In a whirlwind 40 hour trip

Kirsten, Ben, Kurt and I flew from Davao to Manila to Singapore

Spent about 18 hours in Singapore and then flew back to Davao via Manila where our passports were stamped and our visas renewed. It was great to see a part of the world we hadn't seen before (it was the first time in Singapore outside the airport for Ben, Kirsten, and I).

Though, I was not well on the trip and once we got to the hotel I slept white the others did a little sight seeing.

We are thankful our visas are renewed!

It's More Fun In The Philippines

While there are many things to enjoy here in the Philippines,

efficiency and bureaucracy are not necessarily on that list!

I find it interesting the events God ordains in our lives.

We were told Tuesday that Kirsten's, Ben's, Kurt's, and my visas could no longer be renewed and we'd have to leave the country and come back in to have them re-issued.

So, that is what we are doing!!! Tomorrow (2/26) we are taking an early morning flight to Singapore. (though it goes to Manila first. We will arrive in Singapore around 1:30 in the afternoon.).

While it tends to be a pricey place to spend time in, it was the least expensive place to fly to.
Thankfully we found a good hotel rate.
We will do some sight seeing, enjoy some of the local cuisine, and then fly back to the Philippines on Friday.

Kirsten and Ben have to miss two days of school. Not that they are disappointed about that!!!!

Mikayla's visa is fine and she'll be staying here to care for James.