Ben, along with the rest of classmates at the school, recently participated in some fun games. Joel and Ben were paired with Jessica to run a three person, three leg race. Trouble is, Jessica is very short compared to the two guys. But they solved that problem!!!

Paper Pondering

A major benefit of the software Kurt has been creating for Mercy Maternity Clinic is to cut down the amount of paper they store. They have shelves and shelves of paper work from the thousands of clients they've serviced.

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Both Kirsten and Ben recently had banquets to attend for High School and Middle School respectively. Here are a few pictures of them all dressed up!

Ben and Kirsten photos

A recent photo of Ben. Isn't he a handsome young man?!?!

Ben with some of his friends playing basketball at school.

Kirsten and her friend, Joy, at the recent high school banquet.

Kirsten in motion in soccer!

learning to waltz at the banquet.

Junior class

High school banquet attendees

Pacquiao / MayWeather fight

a showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, the two best fighters of their time

Many have called the fight the Super Bowl of boxing, but the Super Bowl happens every year. Mayweather-Pacquiao might happen only once, so the eyes of the sports world will be on a 20-foot-by-20-foot boxing ring inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night (USA time)

as they finally meet in the latest so-called "fight of the century."

This is a huge event here this Sunday morning May 3.

Pacquiao is a national hero here. He's also a well-respected Philippine citizen, senator, Christian. He has a heart for the poor and usually purchases rice and other items for many after each of his fights.

"I enjoy helping people -- the poor, orphans -- I cannot leave them hungry without helping them. I'm not materialistic," he
said. "The money's not mine. It's God's grace that's entrusted
to me

The whole nation is riveted on watching this fight this Sunday morning.

Some movie theatres are showing the fight in their cinemas. Ben and Kurt have gone to watch the fight at a local cinema to join in the cultural experience. We celebrated church service Saturday evening to accomodate this.

The police anticipate a crime-free day. It's amazing how the whole nation slows for this fight.

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The electric company has asked people to turn off toasters, refrigerators, any unnecessary appliances during the fight so there will be no power outages!
for more info.

Pacquiao became a pro at 16 and fought 43 fights, almost all in the Philippines, before his first bout in the U.S. in 2001. His furious fighting style, an ability to knock out bigger men and his winning titles at various weight classes made him an international star.
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It will be an interesting day here. If Pacquiao wins there may be a national holiday tomorrow!!!