MK Quote

Here is an MK for you!!!!!
Ben, five, recently asked me, "Mom, how do you say 'hello' in English?" as he spoke English to me.
I said, "Well, you are speaking English right now and 'hello' is 'hello' in English."
"No," he said, "I mean the other 'hello'!"
I said, "In Cebuano 'hello' is I-O."
'No', he said,"The other 'hello'!"
I said, "Ola? is that the 'hello' you are looking for?"
"Yes, that's the 'hello' I am looking for.....what language is that?"
"Spanish, honey."

Being Silly and Best Friends

Our kids....goofing around, being cute, best friends - even when they squabble....blessings!!!!!

Being Silly

Being Silly

Grocery Packaging

Ube is a potato-type 'fruit' here that is purple. I've had ube cake before and it was quite tasty! Now I'll get to bake one at home!!!

Ube Cake Mix

Milk comes dried, canned, or in boxes here. There is no farm-fresh dairy around here! But the milk is not to bad!


Laundry soap comes in packages small enough for one load only, or in larger bags for multiple loads. It also comes in laundry sticks as many nationals wash clothing by hand. The sticks work great as pre-wash stain treaters too.

Individual load laundry soap and laundry stick

School Events

Well, Our children's first half-year of school is winding down for summer break. Recently, Kirsten was in a musical called "Roamin' Through Romans" and Mikayla was in a Middle School Band and Choir Concert!

Kirsten's Solo

Kirsten in School Musical

Mikayla in Band

Mikayla in Choir

After Concert

Ben's Toad

Ben recently found a toad in our yard....all I have to say is that bugs and other creepy-crawlies grow Big around here!!!!!!