That's Bear Not Beer!

Yet another surprising revelation in the Philippines. During our Cebuano language lesson this morning I heard our language teacher say the word beer, as in the drink (which is an English term that has crossed into Cebuano). That caught my attention because she pronounced it like we would pronounce "bear" (as in grizzly bear) in the states. I asked her to repeat it. Again it came out as "bear" to me.

So I asked her, "Do all Filipinos pronounce beer like 'bear'?" She replied that they do. I then asked her, "So when we call our dog Bear, everyone here thinks that we named our dog after an alcoholic beverage?"

"Yes!" she said.

Well, that ought to make our Christian witness a little colorful, to say the least!


While we are on the subject of pets, here are a few pictures of our Bear! He is such a sweet dog and bio-security system.


As you can see, he is getting bigger!
He sleeps outside at night now to gaurd our house.
His bark has deepened.


He is lovable and likes to lay at Kurt's and my feet in the morning when we are up having our quiet time. He is gentle with the kids too!

Bear and me!


We tasted bocayo recently. It is very yummy Philippine candy made from young coconut strips and sugar. YUMMMMMMM

Kitty Rescue

A kitty was out on the street meowing a sad cry one night last week. Mikayla and I watched the kitty for about 15 minutes, debating if we should rescue the kitty but then the momma cat came and got her kitty.
But a day or two later the kitty was once again in the street in front of our house meowing a pitiful cry. The Momma cat never appeared.
So we brought the kitty up on to our veranda, washed out her eyes, fed her...and now, have adopted her.

Mikayla with her answer to prayer!

The kids are so delighted with her. Her name is "Taters".

I had suggested "ATP" or "TAP" ("Answer To Prayer" or "The Answered Prayer") because Mikayla especially had been praying for a cat.


One of the hardest things for our kids to do in preparation for moving overseas was giving up their cats.


God heard their prayers and provided a cute little kitty to nurture, feed, and love.

Kirsten with Taters!

Ben with Taters!

Mikayla with Taters!

Taters really likes rice and tuna! We had bought some kitty food for her but she prefers the rice and tuna!

Ben and Mikayla with Taters!

More Images From the Road

We were out on the road again yesterday and we took a few more pictures. Above we were following a trike that was carrying a chest freezer, a couple other smaller appliances, and one passenger.

If your jeep does not have shade, just add your own umbrella as a permanent attachment!

Pedal trike with a heavy load

The utilitarian nature of motorcycles

Cattle in the back of a truck