It's always amazing to watch our neighbors climb up a coconut tree to get the nuts out! No ropes, no ladders, just notches in the tree!

Fun in the Sun

Saturday we went on a snorkeling trip with colleagues to Talicud Island.

We stopped at two snorkeling sites - one called 'Coral Garden' and one called 'The Wall'. When I'm snorkeling I feel like I'm living out a National Geographic special. The scenery under the water is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

We ate lunch on the beach at Talicud Island. It was a lot of fun.
And for the first time our family survived a day on the ocean without sunburn thanks to sunscreen sent to us from the states!!!!! We were happy about that!!!!!

Friendship Builder

It's amazing what 2 scooters, a water hose, and lollipops do for building friendships!

This past weekend Ben went outside our gate and started playing with the neighbor kids who live next to us in a squatter area.

These kids are a lot of fun.

They really enjoy using Ben's scooter and they love for me to water them with the hose.

We are praying to continue building friendships with our neighbors!!

Bomb Blast in the Philippines

You may have heard something about the bomb blast that took place in the Philippines today. The blast took place in Manila which is about 600 miles north of where we are living. Just wanted to make it clear that the blast did not occur anywhere near our location.

It's Cold.........

Hey, it got really cold here.................................


Even tho the 'ber' months are considered 'cooler' here in the Philippines, I'm not convinced! 90's, high humidity, hot, good sweating weather!!!!!

Better for swimming!!!!!

But it is beautiful here!!!! Come check it out sometime!!!!