It's Cold.........

Hey, it got really cold here.................................


Even tho the 'ber' months are considered 'cooler' here in the Philippines, I'm not convinced! 90's, high humidity, hot, good sweating weather!!!!!

Better for swimming!!!!!

But it is beautiful here!!!! Come check it out sometime!!!!

Tricycle Driver

This cute little boy was 'helping' his Daddy drive the tricycle the girls and I rode the other day!!!!

The Three Bears Kinder Concert

Ben's Kindergarten class recently presented a "Kinder Concert" to the parents. It was very well done and cute.

The kids sang praise and worship songs, rhyming and action songs, and acted out The Three Bears story.

After the concert, the Kindergarten class served snacks to the parents. It was very fun!!!!!

Living Differences Part 3

Ok....a few more differences about living here versus living in the USA....

Umbrellas are used a lot here - not for rain, but for portable shade!

Produce is sold by the kilo - 2.2 pounds.

It usually rains in the early evening.

Philippine Adventures

Recently Mikayla went with another family out to an allocation.

An allocation is a village or province where translation work is going on.

While the parents were assisting the missionary there with computer issues, Mikayla and her friends had adventures of swimming in a river, riding a sky lab, eating little crunchy dried fish, and enjoying the beautiful scenery!