Repeat CT scan

The neurosurgeon was pleased to see that the visual center of the brain is there on Jerard's CT he had today. There is also more brain showing in other areas of his skull than showed up on the CT prior to surgery for the shunt.

Some areas of brain, though, are not developed at all.

There is no sign of abscess in his brain which is why the CT was done today.

Meningitis's been quite a day.

Jerard had the best night he ever has had last night. He's also just had the best day he ever has had since we got him.

He's sleeping better, his tummy is soft, his head is decreasing in size, he is not fussy all the time.

The antibiotics are working.

But we found out today that one of the infections is meningitis. Which means he will be in the hospital 2 - 3 weeks on strong IV antibiotics.

Another complication of this infection is that since the shunt is in, there is a strong chance the infection could be attaching itself to the tubing, thus rendering it necessary, after the infection is cleared up, that our neurosurgeon will need to replace the shunt tubing.

On top of this, Jerard has a fungal infection and is on anti-fungal medication too. His fungal infection, though, should be cleared up in the next 7 days or so.

Pray for Jerard's continued good response to the medications he's taking.

Pray for wisdom as we, along with the doctors, decide what the best course of treatment is due to the added variable of the shunt and tubing.

Pray for financial resources to help cover the cost of Jerard's hospitalization.

Happy Chinese New Year

Ben's kindergarten class celebrated the Chinese New Year yesterday.
Enjoy the pics!!!!!

Another Hospital Update

Jerard had a blood transfusion on Tuesday and it caused his hemoglobin to come up to 110 from 91. The doctors are pleased with anything over 100. They say that this will help him recover faster.

Jerard is on two strong anti-biotics and an anti-fungal medication to fight both kinds of infections that he has. We did notice a slight increase in his appetite yesterday which is a good sign.

If he can go 24 hours without spiking a fever then the doctors will be inclined to release him from the hospital. In the month that we had him, Jerard has always been running fevers on and off. It will be nice for him to get better.

Jerard's bowels still pain him greatly. The doctors say that this is because of the infections.

Your prayers are very much appreciated for Jerard's quick recovery.

Hospital Update

Jerard is sleeping as I write this. His hemoglobin is low again so he needs another transfusion. Fortunately, when I went to the Red Cross to get the blood they had AB+ packed in stock -- no donor needed this time. That is a blessing since AB+ is rare here in the Philippines.

What they have determined so far is that Jerard has a urinary tract infection and a fungal infection. His bowels are distended by gas most likely due to the infections. This gas is very painful for him and this causes him to cry a lot and not sleep well. His appetite is still not very strong.

The plan is to let the medications run their course over the next day or two and see how he does. We pray that his appetite returns, that his bowel pains subsides, that his hemoglobin recover, and most of all, that all of these infections are healed.