Activities for the week/Prayers and Praises

Kurt traveled to Manila on Monday for meetings with Asia Area regarding computer issues/needs/ etc. He returned Wednesday.

Praise God for safe travels and good meetings.


After School Elementary Sports started up. I'm heading it up this year. Kirsten and Ben are each playing. We are teaching the kids soccer skills and having games. It is fun, although, very hot!!!

Praise God for all the parent volunteers that came forward to help make this a successful program for the kids at Faith Academy Mindanao.


A BIG PRAISE is that the physical therapist who had been working with Jerard at Resources for the Blind this past summer will now start working with him at our house three times a week starting February 9.
She had had to stop working for a while due to pregnancy problems, but now she is doing well (and her soon-to-be-born baby, Caleb).
Liziel is a big blessing. Please pray for her to stay healthy and the remainder of her pregnancy to go well. She is due the first week of April.
Jerard and I will also start attending a 'Mom and me' class once a week at Resources for the Blind on February 10th.


We have purchased our tickets for our summer trip and will be arriving in Michigan on May 25! We will be leaving July 26 to return to Davao.

Pray for us to have safe travels and good visits with our friends and supporters, supporting churches, and relatives.
Already our summer schedule is filling up. Those 8 weeks we are in the states will fly by fast.


Lola Arlene will be staying with James and Jerard while we are gone. Other friends will be coming to play with the boys, too.
Lola (Grandmother) Arlene is a blessing!

Pray for all to go well this summer here - for the boys and Lola Arlene to stay healthy and safe.

Middle School Chapel

Kurt and I were asked to share at Middle School Chapel today.
I shared about how we received the boys.

Kurt shared about kingdom perspective.

Really,that is what it's all about..... Seeking FIRST His Kingdom and His Righteousness!

an excerpt from this morning's talk

"James 1:27Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress...
Just as God adopts us into his family, we are adopting these two boys into our family. God has and continues to teach us so much about His love for each of us as we love and parent James and Jerard........God takes us in as we are.....
Adopting babies, especially ones with health problems, is like that....asthma, hydrocephalic, blindness aside...we love them.
In caring for them I am ever more and more thankful for God's love for me; for each of us...........
Hebrews 12: 28Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 29for our "God is a consuming fire.""

Adopting a Vision

As Beth said in her last post, we had the opportunity to share with the middle school kids and teachers about what the twins have meant for us. I gave a short message at the end which you can download: Adopting a Vision: Practicing Life from God's Perspective

Pretty Feet

We recently received a box of goodies from the states. One item that was in the box was a new pair of tennis shoes for Mikayla that a friend decorated for her! They are cool shoes!!!!


James and Jerard were both wheezing a lot this weekend.
Today I took them to the pediatrician pulmonologist that they've seen before.

James has new asthma medicines to take and already seems to be responding well after the first dose!
Jerard has been newly diagnosed with asthma but also seems to be responding well after the first dose.

We've had a 'family cold' as I've come to term it for the past 6 - 8 weeks. We've all been coughing and having sinus drainage.

The doctor says its from the wet, "cooler" weather we are having here. (But now that the 'ber' months have ended the rainy, "cooler" weather is stopping too. Today it's sweating weather again!!!)

Keep us all in your prayers for clear sinuses and a stop to the coughing. It gets a bit tiring to feel 'under the weather' most of the time. Thanks.