Activities from this week

A photo show of some activities from the week.....

Mikayla talking with a penpal on the MK guy!

Ben lost a tooth this week.

Kirsten had to have a tooth pulled this week.

Youth group silly photo!

Ben, Kurt and Kirsten playing volleyball with the youth group.

Kurt sharing with the youth group about life in the Philippines.

Our friends, Brian and Betsy, invited us over for dinner last night.
Brian and Lydia enjoy cooking and had a great meal for us.
We really enjoy spending time with this family.

Brian grilling the meat!

Playing with friends.

Lydia, Eva, Kirsten.

Kirsten and Eva.

Marcus and Ben.

Today we travel to Wisconsin for a family reunion. We will come back Sunday night. Please pray for safe travels. Thanks!

Leaving soon

This was the group from our sending church who met us at the airport on May 24th late in the evening. What joy to see friends waiting for us!

It seems like just a short time ago we arrived. Now our summer furlough is fast coming to an end.

Friends like these and our family here make it hard to say 'so-long' again. But we will be going back with renewed vision for our ministry, emotional and physical renewal, stronger family ties and relationships, and some of the increased financial support we need for a family of 7.

We leave Michigan on July 26th after one more morning worship time with our sending church. We will leave from Texas on July 30, returning to Davao on August 1.

Please pray for safe travels and a good transition back to Davao.
We look forward to seeing James and Jerard again! We will furlough again when the boys are finally officially adopted and ours! Then you all can meet them too!

On The Road Again....

We traveled to Indiana this weekend to share at one of our supporting churches. It was wonderful to spend time with the pastor and his wife in their lovely home, be able to share in the Sunday School about our work in the Philippines, listen to my husband preach a great message, enjoy potluck fellowship with church goers after the service, and then enjoy time visiting with some families at one of the member's home with pool.

enjoying riding in the van Grandpa has loaned us for the

the van even comes with a DVD player!

setting up the powerpoint display before Sunday school starts

Mikayla is Home

Mikayla is home from camp and had a great time!

She said she had a blast which is good since the title of the week of camp we sent her to was "Blast Camp."!!!:)

She's a bit tired though!

Tomorrow we head to Indiana for 2 days, then Mikayla heads up north with friends for 3 days, then we travel to Wisconsin for 3 or 4 days...then...(want me to go on? We've had a busy, fun summer to say the least...)

Bike Riding

Ben hasn't had much opportunity to learn to ride a bike in the Philippines, but here he has picked it up and loves it!!!!!

We were blessed to find a good bike for Kirsten at a yard sale and to have friends loan us a bike for Ben. They are enjoying riding, especially now since Grandpa just had new asphalt put on the drive way!