High School Christmas Banquet

Mikayla recently attended the High School Christmas Banquet. This year it was a dress-up affair held at a local posh hotel. Mikayla and her friends really enjoyed the event.

Dengue update

James' rash is cleared up and his high fevers are gone.
He still has days where he has a low-grade fever and doesn't have much energy. Today has been one of those days for him. Lying around and being held have been what he really wants to do today.
Dengue can take weeks to fully recover from, so please keep him in your prayers. Thanks!

James with his two favourite stuffed animals - Tigger and
Curious George. He doesn't nap or sleep at night without those
two 'friends' with him!

Christmas Party at RBI

We've been very blessed by the ministry of Resources for the Blind here in Davao!
Tuesday they hosted a birthday party for Jesus for their younger clients. Arlene and I took James and Jerard to the party. It was great fun!

Teachers Anna and Daisy with Jerard. They provide twice-a-week
occupational therapy for Jerard.

Playing with Neighbors

Ben and James had the fun of playing with some of the neighbor kids the other day in the vacant lot next to us. The kids were teaching Ben how to shoot arrows from the coconut fronds. They had a great time and Ben is looking forward to Christmas break to play more with them.

Tawa Tawa

Tawa tawa is a weed that grows here in the Philippines. It is also useful for helping dengue sufferers get better faster. I'm told it helps build up the platelet count of dengue sufferers.

Our helper, Arlene, has been making tawa tawa tea for James and he has two large glasses of it each day. He does seem to be helped by it and today his rash is much better and his energy level is higher.

Thanks for praying for him as he continues to recover from dengue fever!