Keeper Of The Tales

Faith Academy Middle School presented "Keeper of the Tales - Stories from 1001 Arabian Nights" by Tim Wright last night.
They are performing again tonight, also.

Janet Templin did an excellent job directing the play along with Lisa Bartels.
The main story is about a blind beggar-sage who is at the Bazaar (market) and tells the Princess stories that are like parables. It was a very good production.

The princess and her servant listening to Kamal, the blind beggar

Kirsten played the part of Sayyd - the twin daughter of Yasin, the Devoted Israelite. She was also one of the fruit market vendors at the Bazaar.

Kirsten really enjoys the thespian world (although I had to tell her what a 'thespian' was/is)! She's already talking about going out for next year's school play.

Kirsten the market vendor

Sayyd (Kirsten) with her 'twin brother', Saad, with their
'mother' Khadija

Saad and Sayyd - it was fun to watch these two. Everything
they said and did was in unison.

Saad and Sayyd reacting to a smelly fish their 'father' brought
for supper.

Kamal, the blind beggar

Posing for pictures after the show

Cast members after the show

Photos from ISAC

I've been wanting to post a few team photos for you all of the Knights High School Girls Basketball team.

I recently received copies of some photos taken from the ISAC tournament and here are some of the team shots.

Team Photo

Pep talk on the bench

Silly team photo

Team photo with the refs

The Knights when they won the Davao tournament (not in ISAC)

Fun Photo of Ben

Ben recently attended a birthday party. One of the guests there is an 'amatuer' photographer and took some great shots. I really like this one of Ben.


As I blog this our family is engaged in typical evening activities.

Mikayla is busy with homework at the end of the dining room table. She reminds me of my Dad who used to always do his work at the end of the kitchen table. It's just nice to be amidst the activities.

Kirsten is on her bed in her room doing her studies or just reading one of the books she enjoys reading after her homework is done. She enjoys some quiet time after school. Soon she'll be out to talk with us but for now she needs her 'down time'.

Ben, Kurt and James are actively and noisily playing baseball in the sala (living room) with a nerf ball and using a broken plastic gun barrel as the bat. Throw pillows make up the bases.

Jerard is sleeping in his crib amidst all the hubbub.

I am typing this blog and thanking God for the family He has given me.

Psalm 79:13 13But we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will give thanks to you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise.

Something fun....

Here in the Philippines many food places deliver food, not just the pizza places.
We have a few McDonalds here in Davao.
This is one of their delivery vehicles!!!!!