Jerard update

Jerard is slowly recovering from pneumonia.

He still has a low-grade fever and sleeps a lot but today he was more playful, which is a great sign.

The big concern with him being so sick is that his shunt could get infected. Thankfully so far there are no signs of that.

In God's providential timing, our friend across the street who is a doctor, 'just happens' to have two pediatric intensive care nurses visiting from the states now. They both checked out Jerard and were in agreement that he is showing no signs of shunt infection!

God's mercies and grace are so awesome!

Keep Jerard in your prayers! Thanks.


Friday afternoon Jerard came down with a fever and slight cough.

By yesterday afternoon his fever was continuing and his cough much worse.
He has been sleeping a lot this weekend and today. His appetite is down, too. We've had to work at pushing fluids so he doesn't get dehydrated.
He's been letting us know he does not feel well.

Today he was started on a strong antibiotic for pneumonia.
It is also such a blessing to have a great Christian doctor across the street from us!

Keep Jerard in your prayers. Thanks!

...the everlasting arms....

This picture of Kurt holding Ben securely on their zip line ride reminds
me of Deut. 33:27 'The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.'


Mikayla has been playing basketball on the High School Girls team.

Recently she'd been experiencing some heart racing and skipping beats while exercising. Tuesday she came home from practice a bit scared due to her symptoms.

I took her to the doctor on Wednesday. He ordered a stress echo test. That was done yesterday. Today we picked up the results and discussed them with the doctor.

The results show she has Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome which is basically an extra electrical pathway in the heart that can cause fluttering and racing of the heart especially during exercise. It is not life-threatening and she can still play basketball, soccer, run, etc.

Keep her in your prayers. Next week the basketball team travels up to Baguio for an International Schools sports competition. She will be gone for 5 days.

I told her that when I was in my 20s I was diagnosed with the same thing. It seems as I've gotten older the occurrence of symptoms has lessened. She seemed relieved to know her Mom had been given that same diagnosis and was still alive to tell her about it!

Thanks for praying for Mikayla - for healing, for peace.

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Ben and I made a rope ladder this weekend.

It's been fun to swing on it and climb!