No Brace Needed

A while ago I blogged that March was going to be a month of obtaining braces.....

Well, Jerard's balance is improving so much we do not need to obtain the SWASH brace for him. That is an answer to prayer.

Jerard 'sits' with his legs under him. He is now able to sit up
like this and even reach for objects without losing his balance or
throwing himself backward.

Kirsten will be getting her braces on her teeth sometime in the next few months.

Price Differences

I recently bought baseball caps for the after school sports program at a wholesale place in Downtown Davao.

The hats I picked up for the coaches had Ann Taylor store price tags on it of $79.99 - marked down from $88.00.

I purchased them for 58 pesos each - about the US equivalent of $1.27 each!

Not Sure

James was playing dress-up the other day with Ben and Kirsten. He had a cowboy vest, superman cape, and a knight's boot on.

In this photo he looks like he's saying "I'm just not sure what I want to be when I grow up...."

ISAC Photos

ISAC Banner

Faith Academy Mindanao Soccer Team

Mikayla - pink from sunburn and pink in goalie shirt

The team praying...they did this before and after every game.

Team photo

Ben's Karate Class

The Karate school Ben is going to twice a week had an exhibition at a local mall yesterday. Ben is really enjoying the karate lessons!
The teacher (sen-say) is a Christian and prays at the beginning and end of each class. He also incorporates biblical principles into the lessons and character development - self-control, perseverance, etc.

Ben in his karate uniform

The students in the King's School of Martial Arts