Wow, time flies! I hadn't realized it'd been 8 days since my last post. Sorry, I don't like to go that long between posts!

We've had a sinus infection virus attacking each of us in varying degrees. Mikayla was sick enough to have to miss the High School Retreat that they annually take early in the start of the school year. Just yesterday she was finally starting to feel a bit better.

Kurt has been busy working on programming needs for the Asia Area. He's also been helping friends of ours with their website for their ministry. Check it out at
(or better yet - wait at least 24 hours from this post to check the new website. If you check it now it will be the old site.)

We are thankful to be here on the mission field and appreciate all your prayers!

I'll post again sooner than 8 days from now!!!!:)

Coffee Break

All of my kids have enjoyed black coffee while being young. James is no exception. If Kurt or I are having coffee he asks for it too!

What could be better than a coffee break with Starbucks in the
mug, Tigger by the side, and Winnie the Pooh on the mug?


Coffee break on the steps!

I'm Still Standing

Today, for the first time since Jerard had his siezures back in June, he stood! And he practiced walking motions a bit! He was able to tolerate standing and the walking exercise for a total of about 10 minutes.

I am so thankful to God for the improvements Jerard is making in his motor skills with receiving physical therapy three times a week.

As I watched him standing I started thinking and reflecting....

He is a strong, tough little guy who's been through a lot.
The name 'Jerard' means "brave spearholder, brave spear warrior." I find that a wonderfully fitting name for our Jerard.

He has had to be strong and a fighter.
In Joel 3:10 the ending of the verse reads
"...let the weak say, "I am a warrior."
That is what Jerard is saying.

For the title of this blog I quoted lyrics from an Elton John song. I am just amazed at all the struggles Jerard has faced and how he has come out strong after each problem. God has special plans for this little guy, and while it is challenging being the Mom of a special needs child, I can truly say I am thankful he is in our life.

"I'm still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor,.......I'm still standing after all this time, Picking up the pieces of my life...."

Please keep him in your prayers. Specifically pray that he will regain the ability to suck. It is very hard to get fluids in him as he does not like to suck on a bottle or sippy cup.

1st Day of School 2010-11

Faith Academy is holding it's first day of classes today.

When I asked Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben for a group photo before school, Kirsten quipped "is this a yearly tradition we HAVE to do?"
Her Daddy said, "No, this year we will do a group photo
DAILY!!!" (joke lang!)

Mikayla - looking forward to seeing friends but not the
stress and trials of 10th grade homework.

Ben, nervous about starting third grade but looking forward
to seeing his friends again.

Kirsten, anxious to get back to school for friends, 'something
to do', science and art class.

Pray for our kids to have a good school year academically, to grow in their Christian faith, and to always seek first HIM.

They were all looking forward to getting back with friends.

Lindsey, Rebekah, Mikayla
Mikayla's friend, Rebekah, had been gone for a year furlough. They are glad to be back together again!

Kirsten hadn't seen her good friend, Seo Yeon, all summer.

Ben hadn't seen his best buddy, Fernando, all summer
and is so glad the teacher has them sitting next to each other!

Kirsten with Mr. Saint. He's a favourite teacher of all the
middle schoolers!

Ben's classroom.

Ben working hard already!

Emily and Emilyn

Emily and Emilyn turned 18 yesterday.

Emilyn and Emily

They are twins who live in the area behind our house. Their Dad, Ed, cleans our yard up once a week.
We are sponsoring Emily to go to University of Mindanao. She is in her 2nd year of college and is pursuing business management degree.
Emilyn had dropped out of high school for a while and has now returned to finish. She is in her 3rd year of high school at Thompson Christian School near where we live.

Ed, Emily, and Emilyn from two years ago when they came to
James and Jerard's first birthday party. The younger girl in this
photo is a cousin.

Pray for these two to grow in their Christian faith.
Pray for us as we deepen relationships with these two. They are very sweet young ladies.