Playground Fun

Purple Dinasour

James discovered a purple dinosaur (but it wasn't Barney!)
and really enjoyed riding him while we were at Eden Nature Park.

Eden Nature Park Flowers

We just spent three days at Eden Nature Park for a vacation. The kids have off this week for fall break.
Below are some family and floral pictures. The vegetation here in the Philippines is gorgeous - pictures don't really do justice to how beautiful the flowers and foliage is here.

Family Photos

We had family photos taken yesterday by a professional photographer. We were outside at an beautiful hotel setting by the beach! I took some of my own photos while we were having photos taken! Enjoy!

James, the photographer. He does great photos!

We invited Arlene, Chaim, and Shaul to come. They are like
a second family to James and Jerard.

Arlene is known as "Lola" (grandma) to James and Jerard.
She has helped care for them since we got them.
Chaim and Shaul are "Kuya" (older brother) to the boys.

The two James.

Coming Up The Street

I've had people ask me what the street we live on looks like.
Here it is.............

Starting up the street from the main road

Walking up the hill.

Our house is at the top of the hill on the right hand side.
The street we live on is a dead-end street which is nice as there
is not much traffic.

Our house. There is an empty lot next to us which is grown over
with vegetation.