Coming Up The Street

I've had people ask me what the street we live on looks like.
Here it is.............

Starting up the street from the main road

Walking up the hill.

Our house is at the top of the hill on the right hand side.
The street we live on is a dead-end street which is nice as there
is not much traffic.

Our house. There is an empty lot next to us which is grown over
with vegetation.

Adoption Process Update

Last night we received a call from our foster care social worker that James and Jerard have been declared legally available for adoption.
So now we can start the process of collecting the paperwork needed to file for adoption of James and Jerard.
Pray that this process will go smoothly. Thanks!

In our hearts James and Jerard are our sons already. It will be great when
within the next 12 months or so they become legally our sons!

Family Sneak

We had to take our three older kids to the American Embassy outreach in Davao yesterday to renew their passports (otherwise we would've had to fly up to Manila to do that!). So, they got pulled out of school to do that with us.
Then, Kurt and I took them out to lunch and on a 'Family Sneak' - meaning we took them on an outing and they didn't know where we were going!
One of our favourite places to go is Eagle Sanctuary. It's less than an hour from our home, doesn't cost much, is cooler than the city, and quiet!
We had a great time walking, seeing the eagles and other animals, and getting a few things from the local vendors who set up there!

Three and Two

Kirsten has two ear piercings now, like her big sister.

Kirsten's Mom has three ear piercings!!!

Tone Improvement

One thing I really appreciate about Faith Academy is their excellent music program.
Tonight there was a band concert featuring the Middle School Combined band, Middle School Advanced Band, 5th grade beginning band, High School Praise Ensemble, and High School Jazz Ensemble.
The Band director, Nate Becker, does and excellent job with all the various bands he directs!
Kirsten plays percussion in the Middle School Combined and Advanced Bands.

Middle School Combined Band

Kirsten and a class mate in the percussion section.

Percussion section.

Psalm 98:6 With trumpets and the sound of the horn make a joyful noise before the King, the LORD!