My Lola

James is fond of saying, "That's my Lola" whenever he sees any pictures of Arlene.

Arlene is our helper and friend who has helped care for James and Jerard since we got them.
She is the one who stayed with the boys when we were back in the states two years ago. She also stays at our house with Jerard when we go away.
She is a wonderful Christian person and we are so blessed to have her as a helper and friend!

Family Photos from our photo shoot

Indulge me as I share some more photos from our recent family photo shoot! The photographer did a great job. But don't worry, I won't post all 700 or so photos he took!!!!

All Is Well Here

Whenever a typhoon hits the Philippines we get lots of emails wondering if we are all right. Yes, we are. While the northern Philippines are hit by typhoons we usually experience nice breezes and some 'cooler' temps.
We are in southern Philippines and do not get typhoons because of being so close to the equator.

Our northern Filipinos in the Visayan and Luzon regions are affected by typhoons.

Please pray for those affected by the typhoon.

Karate Tournament

The karate club that Ben participates in had a sparring meet
today at one of the local malls.


Waiting for his turn to fight

Bowing to the ref after the match.

Standing on stage for his third place medal for his division.

Ben with his medal

Ben with his sensei, Nell. Nell is a very committed Christian
and excellent teacher. We really appreciate his ministry.

Ben with Jay, the assistant sensei.

Ben did a great job fighting. We appreciate the Christian values that he learns through Bushido Kai. Want to learn more about the organization? Check out their website:

Masters degree class 1

I spent last week M - F in class from 9a - 4p learning about counseling theories, techniques and tools. It was an incredible class; a wonderful group of classmates and a great instructor! Now to start working on the papers - there are 5 papers due by December 10. I turned one in already and have four more to write!