Little Things

Elisabeth Elliott has been a mentor to me for many years now (through her books). I've never met her personally but to me she is a dear friend,a 'mother', and a mentor/encourager/friend in this journey towards our eternal home!

Here lies the tremendous mystery - that God should be all-powerful, yet refuse to coerce. He summons us to cooperation. We are honoured in being given the opportunity to participate in his good deeds. Remember how He asked for help in performing his miracles : Fill the waterpots, stretch out your hand, distribute the loaves.

I like this quote of hers. It reminds me, as Jesus told us, to be faithful in the little things. And for me these days, those 'little things' are changing diapers, exercising Jerard, playing with James and doing preschool with him, parenting all my kids for His glory, being a good wife, mom and Christian.......(Luke 16:1010 "One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much,)

Ipomoea batatas

"Ipomoea batatas" (purple kamote) is a sweet potato that grows here in the Philippines.

A favourite way to serve this potato is just to boil it and eat it. It makes a great, inexpensive, and healthy snack!

(learn more about Philippine foods at

It is really easy here to eat healthy food - the market is resplendent in all its food offerings!!!!

Standing Table and Soccer Shin Guards!

Jerard really suffered a major set back in his developmental skills last June when he had his first major siezures. Slowly, since then he has been progressing - little by little.
Today, he 'stood' in his standing table with the help of his leg braces to flatten his feet and shin guards to help keep his knees straight.

He 'stood' for about ten minutes. His brother James played with him for a while, encouraging him to hold his head straight!

Keep Jerard in your prayers. Thanks!

Grass Jelly

What hit me first was the overwhelming smell of....., yep, you guessed it....grass....when I opened the can.......


then I tried some straight out of the can.....yep....tastes like grass with bitterness thrown in......

so I made a syrup recommended for grass jelly - 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water; mixed in a can of lychees and a can of fruit cocktail.....chilled it real well.......

and the verdict is...........................................

Kurt really liked it

Mikayla really liked it

James really liked it

Jerard and I really liked it

Jerard eating more of it

Ben tolerated it but since he isn't a fan of fruit cocktail or lychees,
it didn't strike him as something he'd like again.

Kirsten didn't like it at all but not so much because of the taste,
but because of the texture.

The grass jelly, when mixed with the fruit and syrup, had no taste of it's own like it had in the can. I'd buy it again. Next time I'll try the mango, whipped cream and grass jelly mix that is another recommended way to eat grass jelly. (check out if you ever buy a can of grass jelly. In the US you'd probably find it at an Asian food store or in the Asian section at the grocery store.)


I had the rare treat today of going grocery shopping with my husband! While I have gotten used to the grocery store and by-pass many items, Kurt was intrigued by the many varied offerings on the grocery shelves.

We picked up three such offerings and will be trying some new stuff.

White Fungus, also called Snow Fungus is also known as white tree ear fungus, silver fungus and silver ear. It is white in color and almost transparent. It is often used in soups and desserts.
I'll be checking out Chinese soup recipes to try with our white fungus!

Grass Jelly is another Chinese food. In China, grass jelly was traditionally served with sugar syrup. Now it is often served mixed with other ingredients, such as mango, sago, watermelon, cantaloupe, and other fresh or canned fruit, and evaporated milk.
We'll let you know how we like it!

Pickled Lettuce is an Asian side dish! It's a side dish to rice and meat meals.

Thank goodness for the internet to do searches for recipes to make with these items!!!!

I'll blog again after we've tried these to let you know what we thought!